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Wednesday, June 14, 2017


The cast and crew of STAR TREK CONTINUES finished principal photography on our series a few months ago, and we are working at warp speed to put all of the finishing touches on Episodes 9, 10, and 11 – which will complete our salute to The Original Series.

And while we are all sad to see STAR TREK CONTINUES come to a close, we have committed to our supporters that these last three chapters in our story will be finished and released this year.  That means three more upcoming premieres of the continuing voyages of the Starship Enterprise.

Episode Nine is in sound design and will have a debut screening at the end of July at Florida Supercon in Ft Lauderdale.  We’re so honored to announce some very familiar names in guest starring roles for Episode 9, including John de Lancie and Anne Lockhart.

Of course, John needs no introduction.  His character will be among the first to appear on our Planet Set (constructed with support from our crowdfunding campaign).

Anne Lockhart may be best known to science fiction fans for her role as “Sheba” on the original Battlestar Galactica, but she has also been in hundreds of other productions and commercials – including a recurring role in Chicago Fire on NBC.  (And, of course, her Mom was June Lockhart, the matriarch of Lost in Space!)

John de Lancie, Chuck Huber (McCoy) and I will each be guests at Florida Supercon.  So we hope you might plan a trip to Fort Lauderdale to enjoy the world premiere screening of “What Ships Are For,” at the end of July.  Details about the screening will be on the Supercon website.

Finally, our remaining episodes constitute an exciting two-part story that will not only finish out our series, but bring an exciting and satisfying conclusion to the original five year mission of the Enterprise. Episode Ten is set to premiere at Salt Lake Comic Con (the weekend of September 21) and Episode Eleven will have its debut screening at New York Comic Con October 6.

Keep this comm channel open for more info about our final installments. And again, thank you to all of you for your enthusiasm and support for this "love letter to Star Trek".

Vic Mignogna


nicola facciolini said...

Save Star Trek Continues The Real Star Trek !

SR said...

Awww, man. This was the closest to TOS as you could get. The set design. The uniforms, the actors and that 1960s feel. But, I guess you have other stuff to do, Vic. Too bad CBS or Paramount didn't decide to pick you up as a web show like that new one that doesn't look that great. I don't like the new movies, either. This was pretty much it for me. I remember seeing the first advertisement on The Pirate Bay. I would donate money if you and your cast was will to continue. I see no donate option, so I suppose that's that. Though, it was Offical Trek to me. I thank you for coming this far and completing it.

Unknown said...

Unmistakably astounding & truly groundbreaking work! Kudos to Vic & the entire cast & crew for a Remarkable journey back into my 1st sci-fi love, ST:TOS. I hate to see this end! NO other fan made show truly achieves such raw authenticity as STC. I contacted CBS & proposed that they consider picking up all such well made fan productions & continue them whether or not Discovery is a hit or failure. Why? Simply because Disney bought Lucasfilm. STC could easily continue to run opposite any Star Trek show on TV since it's web based. Star Wars keeps many projects going simultaneously & STC is fan funded. CBS needs "new" Star Trek content, not to rely on reruns. I've seen their Discovery promos & it isn't TOS as most fans know it. We don't want a reboot of TOS, WE WANT TOS! I & many others will not pay for an untried notion & if I'd found this show sooner I'd have donated to see it go on. Would you continue if CBS officially endorsed STC? Or if they allowed exceptions to their rules just for STC? IF Discovery fails, CBS will have no new ST on & it would be their fault for their changes. If STC went on with approval & oversight from CBS it could keep Star Trek on the air on 2 fronts with all new content & no overlap to Discovery. I'm not alone & many fans in the world have no web & WANT more true TOS. Please consider asking about these proposals & once again, THANK YOU for your love letter to ST!

Solid Snaaake said...

I agree with everyone here. That's what brought back TOS from loads of fan mail to NBC and I think Star Wars coming out had something to do with it. I don't know how hard core fans are anymore. But, we have the internet. We can flood CBS and Paramount if there's Trek fans all over the world. I guess it depends on if Vic wants to continue with other projects or probably money. He's great with anime and game talent. Finally matching the face is great. He makes the best (second best) Kirk ever. If you're reading this Vic, if we got CBS or Paramount to do something. Think you'd be on for it? Oh, and hopefully the rest of the cast as well. They were excellent.

Solid Snaaake said...

Also, what about another Kickstarter-type donation thing? We gotta meme this into reality. It's just so soon :(

Unknown said...

This is just so unfair that CBS is shutting you guys down, just like the others.

Kevin Davis said...

I guess All Good Things must come to an end.. Best fan production of Star Trek..

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