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Friday, September 25, 2015


We’re now just a few hours away from the debut screening of Episode V of STAR TREK CONTINUES, with fans assembled for the Salt Lake City Comicon.  Several of our cast and crew have made the trip to Utah, and we can’t wait to hear the reaction to our first “off the ship” episode.

Your chance to see Episode V comes tomorrow morning, September 26, starting at 8:00am Pacific time.  Just navigate to to see for yourself what our team has spent months putting together.  I don’t want to spoil any of the surprises, and we’d love to hear your feedback on Facebook!

Several of the people who make STAR TREK CONTINUES possible converged on Las Vegas for Creation’s annual STAR TREK VEGAS event.  It was truly monumental and a great prelude to next year’s 50th anniversary celebrations for The Original Series.

More than 200 people packed the theater our late-night screening of Episode IV, “The White Iris,” and we took questions for more than an hour after running the episode on the big screen at the AMC Town Square theatre.

We were also humbled and honored that both Rod Roddenberry and Marina Sirtis from STAR TREK: The Next Generation publicly praised STAR TREK CONTINUES during their sessions in Vegas.

As you’ll read below, the final work is now underway on Scotty’s Engineering Room at our own Stage Nine in southern Georgia, as we prepare to shoot more episodes this fall.  We want to make sure we celebrate 50 years of STAR TREK with our best salute to the spirit of Gene Roddenberry and the team that brought The Original Series to life.

Our fifth episode, which premieres this weekend, is dedicated in loving memory to Grace Lee Whitney.  Her star shines brightly.

Vic Mignogna

Executive Producer and “Captain Kirk”


With just a few weeks to go until another shoot at the Stage Nine studio, STAR TREK CONTINUES volunteers are working to finish a breathtaking addition to the Enterprise – a full-scale replica of the Engineering Room that’s been under construction since May.

Will Smith is the mastermind behind, the definitive source for information about The Original Series and the Matt Jefferies designs brought to life by studio carpenters.  Smith is also the Art Director and Property Master of STAR TREK CONTINUES, working almost non-stop this summer to finish the mammoth undertaking.