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Friday, October 16, 2015

October 2015 - From the Captain’s Chair

We are honored with the overwhelming reaction to our latest STAR TREK CONTINUES episode, “Divided We Stand.”  If you’ve watched the episode on YouTube or at, then you know some exceptional effort went into the first “outside the studio” shoot.  Read more about how we delivered on Civil War authenticity this month, as well as a question-and-answer interview with Chuck “Dr. McCoy” Huber.

Farscape’s Gigi Edgley to Guest Star in Episode VI

When Episode VI of STAR TREK CONTINUES goes into production, a familiar face will be on board.  “While details of the shoot and the script will be kept under wraps until that episode premieres, we’re very excited to announce that the amazing Gigi Edgley will join the cast as our guest star,” says STAR TREK CONTINUES executive producer Vic Mignogna.

A Chat with the Good Doctor: Actor and Producer Chuck Huber brings Dr. McCoy to Life

With more than 75 anime episodes on his resume, Chuck Huber is best known in that genre for his work as Android 17 on Dragon Ball Z and for his role on anime’s Soul Eater.  Huber’s work can be seen on network television, but he is probably best known for playing Dr. Leonard McCoy on STAR TREK CONTINUES.

Civil War Reenactors Add Authentic Touch to Episode V

When Kirk and McCoy are transported to the battlefields of Maryland in “Divided We Stand,” the latest episode from STAR TREK CONTINUES, they emerge in a distant time and very real gunfire.

In fact, the use of uniformed reenactors proved to be a masterstroke.

“Reenactors come with wardrobe, weapons, tents and other camping gear, and a wealth of knowledge on the subject matter. They are also already quite used to roughing it, and doing it authentically--they never had any need to get into costume or into character--they could be put on camera at any time. They're the next best thing to time travel,” said Jay Pennington, wore multiple hats in Episode V as Second Assistant Director, Location Coordinator, and Set Dresser.