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Monday, January 26, 2015

From the Captain’s Chair

Our “Kirkstarter 2.0” crowd funding effort is barely a week old, and we’ve reached our $100,000 goal for funding to produce new episodes.  More than 1,200 people have backed STAR TREK CONTINUES on Kickstarter this month, and now we’re hoping our fans can help us reach a “stretch goal” to build out an Engine Room for Mr. Scott! 

You can contribute here:

We just finished studio shooting of the next STAR TREK CONTINUES episode, and the next few months will be filled with editing, music cues, color correction, and sound mixing to make certain that our fourth full-length episode meets everyone’s expectations.  We want STAR TREK CONTINUES to feel like our favorite show never got a cancellation notice. 

This past year we have been overwhelmed with joy in winning awards from both the “Geekies” and the Burbank Film Festival, with trophies given to our productions for excellent storytelling and entertaining web production.  We are flattered and grateful for the recognition.

It’s so amazing to look around the bridge set, or walk the corridors of the Enterprise that have been painstakingly recreated with the same layout used on Stage 9 at Desilu.  We have a dedicated team of professionals and “Treksperts” involved to insure both accuracy and good stewardship of our limited resources. But we wouldn’t be able to tell these stories, build the sets, gather the props, round up the right actors, create the costumes and makeup and make STAR TREK again without the support of thousands of fans.

Many have written to us to find out how they can keep a good thing going.  The timing is pretty good for that question – since we just launched our second “Kirkstarter” crowd funding effort that will hopefully generate enough support to keep our production going. 

Our first “Kirkstarter” was very successful, giving us the resources to produce three episodes thanks to the dedication of many passionate volunteers who give of their time and treasure to make STAR TREK CONTINUES fly.

And while people look at me as the Captain of the Ship, I can assure you that there are dozens of hardworking, dedicated people who share a similar passion for the world that Gene Roddenberry and his team created nearly 50 years ago.

If you like what you see with STAR TREK CONTINUES, then please make a contribution and help us fund the production of future episodes!

Vic Mignogna
Captain of the Enterprise


TomBrad said...

It would be really great if you could build a set of Engineering and have that appear in a future episode!

Anonymous said...

I'd say they're thinking the same thing Tom... #scottyneedsanengineroom

Celeste Johnston said...

Just caught up with this. It is wonderful. Just watched the first episode and it really felt like I was watching a new episode of TOS. So much fun and so very well done!!!

Bill Love said...

Proud to be a "real" supporter - not just a spectator. Consider me permanently on the team from her on out. I have to say I believe I'm falling in LOVE with Michelle Spechet (or is it lust?). Ahem... Anyway, I'm a hooked fan and can't wait for Episode 4 & 5 and Scotty's new Engine Room.

Bill Love said...

Ok, just saw that Vic and Michelle are "an Item" so apologies if the above comment was in poor taste. But still ---- Michelle's SuperNova Hot!

Go Boldly, Live Long, and Prosper. :-D

Darkknight said...
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Darkknight said...

Just heard about this and watched the 1st episode, WOW, just like watching a real tv show, you guys nailed it. Vic, you are the perfect Captain Kirk, you got it down, certain angles you even look like him, same build, swagger, style, just perfect. Michele, your performance was awesome, when you shot Apollo and cried, you nearly brought me to tears, knowing he broke your heart and you didn't want to hurt him and he let you down. Todd, you played Spock very well, and when you seemed to try to HIDE the fact you were sad that Apollo or the gods didn't worship Vulcans, it was hilarious, I laughed my ass off. Chris, the fact that you chose to continue on the mission to play your fathers role is most endearing to continue his legacy, I know he would be proud of you, it really felt like Scotty, especially when you got angry and objected to Kirk. Grant and Kim, what can I say, you both were great, Kim, what a voice, and your a much better looking Uhura in my opinion offense to the original cast. Wyatt,hope to see more of you, but excellent so far. Chuck, your performance as Bones was done very respectable, and please don't take this this wrong way but Bones wasn't as heavy, so not only for your own health of course, but for accuracy to the part of the cast of the character you are playing, it would be best if you were able to become a little more physically fit for the role. No offense meant, but just giving a critique of each cast member, that was the only flaw I could spot out of the entire set up. You all were brilliant in your performances and I can't wait to watch more of you in action. The Enterprise is just like I remember it, and it's a pleasure to watch the ongoing mission of the crew, you guys are just awesome....

Darkknight said...

Just watched episode 2, you were able to get lou ferrigno and Erin Gray to appear? WOW, Lou Ferrigno was fantastic as the bad guy against Kirk, always loved him as the Hulk, he was the best. And Erin Gray In Buck Rodgers, always had a crush on her, fantastic appearances guys, this episode Lolani really brought home what it means to be free, fantastic performance by all, I wish you guys had a WHOLE season I could watch, I can't get enough already, FANTASTIC, just love it, and Michele you always bring great energy against Kirk, is that because you guys are in a relationship? I don't know, did that happen before or AFTER you guys started filming? but the energy is there. Can't wait to see what you do next!!!

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