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Monday, January 26, 2015

Spock Speaks

Reflecting on the importance of a successful Kickstarter campaign to keep the goodness of STAR TREK CONTINUES going, actor and parent Todd Haberkorn offers these thoughts about portraying the iconic Vulcan:

“It's such an honor to be a part of the grand sci-fi tapestry through STAR TREK.  I don't think there's a more influential property out there with its countless movies, TV series, books, comics, shirts, and even cooking aprons!   STAR TREK is part of a universal language of entertainment that nearly every corner of the world knows in some form or another.  And with that power, the stories that have come from the TREK world have tried to illustrate ideals that help to keep our real world intact.

“And, as an added bonus, the show has been an inspiration for a lot of the technology we use today.  To be trusted to take on the iconic role of Spock is a responsibility that I'm happy to take on because it allows me to show respect for the STAR TREK universe through a medium I've been in almost my whole life. 

“I hope that I've done and continue to do justice to the character of Spock. And when my little ‘Spock Juniors’ look back at my small imprint on the TREK universe in our little web-series-that-could, I hope that they think my involvement was the most logical of steps.”

Make a contribution to the “Kirkstarter 2.0” here:


Edvard Johansson said...

I just finished watching the first episode. I am flabbergasted. I couldn't even tell that it wasn't an original episode except for the obvious, the voices and actresses/actors were all different.

You all captured the spirit, mannerisms, themes, literally everything that made the Original Star Trek what it is.

I think you guys must have one or some of the original creative staff helping you out because it's hard to believe that an amateur fan-fiction group could make a Star Trek episode so perfectly like an original episode that as far as I could tell, there were no discernible difference, again, aside from the obvious.

The Phase II people can't even hold a candle to what you guys were able to do here, and they even got Koenig and Takei to help them out. They got noticeably better once Koenig showed up, and they did an excellent Sulu once, Takei showed up, their Sulu probably being the single strongest actor on Phase II. But sadly, I couldn't keep watching it once they went with the gay stuff. That's not Star Trek, the original. In fact, there were very few, if any sexual innuendos in the original. Certainly, Kirk flirted and was a bit of a romantic, as were most of the main cast, but they never portrayed them as sleeping around or whatever, but rather being their company for whatever excursion the episode was about.

Gravity Barge said...

Thank you for giving Spock's character depth and grace. I feel you honor Nimoy, and other actors far more by portraying your interpretation of Spock, rather than mocking someone else's performance & imitating.
I was very entertained by the Lolani episode. Perhaps because it is so preachy. All the expensive special effects in the world, can never compete with acting, comraderie, and plot development.
And of course thank you for keeping the Science Fiction genre alive. It is the greatest genre of fiction to the real fan.

Break a Leg!

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