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Friday, February 5, 2016

Another Doohan Finally Gets an Engine Room

The successful crowdfunding campaign last year by STAR TREK CONTINUES raised enough money to produce additional episodes and also to create fandom’s first full-scale recreation of Scotty’s Engine Room aboard the Starship Enterprise.  A herculean effort over the spring and summer of 2015 brought the amazing set to life, inside the Stage Nine studio that also contains the shooting soundstage for STAR TREK CONTINUES.  Look for the debut of Scotty’s Engine Room in Episode Six this coming May.

We talked with Chris Doohan, who recreates his father’s role as Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott, about the experience of seeing the Engineering Room come together in southern Georgia.

STC NEWS:  Adding an Engineering Room really gives somewhere else for Scotty to hang out, aside from the Bridge and occasionally in Auxiliary Control.  When you
first heard about the plans to add Engineering what did you think?

Doohan:  “I was happy beyond words. We had already completed five episodes, and the only time we saw Scotty in his engine room was in the small alcove at the entrance to Engineering. It was time to give Scotty a sandbox to play in!”

STC NEWS:  The Engineering Room set was a "stretch" goal from the last crowdfunding campaign.  Did you think it would ever happen?  And what was your reaction when you saw that funding had come through to build out Engineering?

Doohan:  “I was cautiously optimistic, but you never really know how these crowd
funding campaigns will go. Then, after hearing that our amazing fans and Kickstarter backers pushed us over that stretch goal, I was ecstatic!  I learned of it when Vic Mignogna sent me an email saying ‘guess who’s getting his Engine Room?’  I think I screamed!”

STC NEWS:   Did you see the Engineering Room set as it was being built - or were you literally surprised just as it was finished?

Doohan:  “Like almost everyone else, I only had glimpses through Facebook, the
construction videos and the occasional ‘OMG check this out’ picture sent from Vic. He was so excited to share the pictures with me, because he knew just how excited I would be. I could just picture the big smile on his face when he sent them.  I also enjoyed the time-lapse ‘construction progress’ videos.  It was the next best thing to being there.”

STC NEWS:  And what did it feel like to see it all lit up and working?  Didn't you
see the actual Engineering Set all those years ago, when your Dad was on the
series?  How does the STC version stack up?

Doohan:  “When I was a child, I was able to visit the Hollywood STAR TREK sets several times, but unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to see the actual Engineering set. I think that’s why this meant so much to me.  It was sort of like fitting in the last puzzle piece. When STC Art Director Will Smith gave me the introductory tour, not all the lights were on, but I was treated to that a few hours later. All I could say was wow!!! “

STC NEWS:  Lots of volunteers and artisans like Will Smith had a hand in turning the Engineering Room into reality.  What do you think of the craftsmanship of the finished product?

Doohan:  “The scale and accuracy is truly awe inspiring. As they were building
it, I would go online and look at photos of season three engineering, then look at what they made. It was spot on!!  I was most impressed with the warp core. The forced perspective was perfectly done. I was right in front of it and it looked like it went back a hundred yards! Will Smith is the true miracle worker, along with his team of Vic, Scott Grainger, Jay Pennigton, Mark and Jared Jantzer and Charles Teet.  They pulled off the impossible! There were a lot people that said it couldn’t be done in the time frame allotted -- but they did it!”

STC NEWS: Do you think of your Dad when you see that set?

Doohan:  “It’s hard not to. When I walk on those sets, I get the overwhelming feeling that he’s watching over me…and he’s smiling!”

STC NEWS:  Are we going to see more of Scotty in Engineering, now that the set
actually exists?

Doohan:  “Aye, Laddie!!! But no spoilers here!”

STC NEWS:  Does it actually feel like you’re on the Enterprise when you’re
looking at that amazing set?

Doohan:  “It does, and that feeling doesn’t go away. From the day that I first stepped on the Bridge, to the last scene we shot in Engineering.  But, it’s not just the sets, it’s the crew. Everyone that works and donates their time at STAR TREK CONTINUES run a tight, but fun ship.  I hope we are able to continue our mission for years to come.”


tim colliver said...

THIS is what CBS should be pouring their efforts into and bringing into their programming circle...not a modern day/politically correct/relaunch for a younger demo TV & Web series! This production stands on it's own as THE definitive continuation of Enterprise's 5 year mission...

Unknown said...

That's what gets me when they say" We had to wrap the show up because of cost over runs". These guys have proven they can do it as good as any television corporation with out the costs. Great work guys, keep em coming.

neoTerra said...

This is so fantastic. You do such an incredible job of bringing back TOS,
the Sets, the Stories, the Acting... GR would be proud.
I am TOS original BIG fan of STC.
I was one of the thousands who sent petitions to Paramount in 69.
I cant give you enough praise.

thank much, I cant tell you how much it means to me.


Unknown said...

Strongly agree w/ tim colliver

Unknown said...

Strongly agree w/ tim colliver

uRwhatUr said...

I too strongly agree w/ tim colliver! I am so appreciative of all the energy put towards this production.

Catmom2004 said...

Thank you from the bottom of this Trekker's heart to the ST Continues folks! THIS is where Star Trek lives and nowhere else. And I want to thank neoTerra for being one of the letter writers in 1969 that kept ST TOS on the air for another season.

I would have written but was only 9 years old and just a budding ST fan at that time.

Ric said...

No one could do the legacy of Star Trek TOS better than Vic and his outstanding cast and crew! I am eagerly awaiting the next episode of STC! Warp speed ahead!!!

psudoSulu said...

It took me about 5 minutes to get over the fact that all the characters had new faces. After that it felt like I had entered a time warp and was back in the sixties. Wow! This is quite easily the best Trek in years. So far I have seen 3 episodes and it just keeps getting better and better. I only have one request. Could you please do a Harry Mudd episode? Rodger C. Carmel was hands down my favorite guest actor on Star Trek.His performance was unforgettable.

Betty Taylor said...

Discovered Star Trek Continues from tuning into Coast to Coast radio. My husband and I have been fans of ST since Star Trek the Original Series. We've watched 2 epipodes of STC so far and loved them both. Thank you for your vision and your hard work. It is our sincere hope the STC and her cast "Live Long and Prosper"
Thanks again.
Betty & Sam Taylor
Bullhead City, AZ

Chris H. said...


You are doing amazing things for fans of TOS. Its so fun just to see the sets recreated so accurately as well as the top-notch special effects. Superbly impressive. I have no doubt the original sfx team in the 60s would have killed to access the capabilities you can. Crank it up when opportunity presents!
I am loving the espisodes. Ep 1, 2, and 3 surpassed many TOS episodes.
For an idea.....I always wondered where the Doomsday Machine came from. What if there were more or the folks who built it showed up...? Or its intended opponent?
Lastly, love seeing the female security guards! Now let them get in on some more action!


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