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Friday, February 5, 2016

February 2016 - Next STAR TREK CONTINUES Episode Premiere Coming in May

Florida-area fans will be excited to learn details of the premiere of Episode Six, with “Come Not Between the Dragons” scheduled for a convention debut in May.  Details on the episode release, special advance availability for our Kickstarter supporters, and plans for next STAR TREK CONTINUES fundraiser are in this video update from Vic Mignogna.


rob smith said...

i dont get why it takes so long to make new episodes...i know they probably dont have the resources that a full blown studio has, and the original had a new episode every week...whys it take months to make one here?

Butch79 said...

A nice (if not quite as exuberant as it should've been) recommendation at The Inquisitor...

Sincerely hoping you guys get no hassle from Paramount-CBS... STC episodes are the best Trek fan-film material (I've looked at all the others) by several light-years...

CHAOS & LACE said...

This is based off of watching the second episode.

I have pretty harsh criticisms about most things trek post 2000, but this was surprisingly bearable. After viewing the second episode, I'd have to say it's kind of.... better... than the original... and about a billion times more worth watching than anything Trek that hit the theatres since 2002.

Better cameras but the director really did an excellent job of capturing that 60's feel. I almost feel like they're about to spill onto the set of 'Get Smart' or The Monkees. Part of it is great set construction, part of it is the right lighting.. and part of it is those angles. You nailed it... the close up wide angle shots... the upward and downward angles. A lot more of a visceral approach then what's typical today... fast cuts, bizarre angles, shakey handy cams forever imitating 'Saving Private Ryan'... makes one nauseous.

This is not just a bunch of polished flotsam like the 2009 and 2013 films. It's actually good. It's by fans, for fans and isn't embarrassing greenscreen and illfitting uniforms on tubby con patrons. Most fan stuff has everybody being really realistically dull. People on star trek (particularly in any TOS style universe) kind of need to be larger than life for the style to really work. This does it fairly well. They're storybook likable.

The few things I found strange or offputting were minor things that I'll probably get used to in a few eps. Not really anything that needs desperately to change but just some personal critiques.

Everybody kinda sounds like they inhaled helium. Maybe that's just how people talk today but what happened to men talking in deep manly voices? Kirk, in particular, sounds too nice. More like a guidance counseler than a Captain. But... he's still likable so that's important. Reboot Kirk is such a jerk, I don't care at all what happens to him. lol

Who the heck is the lady in the red costume-wig supposed to be? Is she like an amalgum of Chappel and Rand... and J Lo? Well, she's got Grace Lee Whitneys wooden acting down to a tee! Are ya sure her chest is big enough? Well, at least ya don't have her stuffed into a corset. But that wig is awful for starfleet officer standards. lol Usually only aliens have hair that bad. I know doin alaborate hairstyles is hard and hairstylists expensive, but honestly.. you couldn't find a girl who could handle doing her own hair in a 60's style? I'm sure you could with a cursery search of youtube. Or me. I know the original crew wore wigs but it wasn't as obvious. You coud splurg for one a bit higher then dollar store costume shop level. hehe ;-) Maybe the grainier cameras back in the day let them get away with more. HD is less forgiving.

Ya forgot the green overhead light whenever the orion girl was in shot so they glow extra green hehe. Mighta been another one of those things that wouldn't work as well on HD though. Like those wigs I mentioned. lol ;-)

On the whole, it's paced well, written well and stylistically quite similar. Loving the colored mood lighting. Do you have any shots with that cheesecloth effect? Or where it looks like the lights are being shined thru a gap in the blinds? Those would be great! :-)

Maybe we could use a teensie bit more tongue in cheek charm? That whimsical silly humor of Trek is a staple of why the franchise was great. It's been gone for about 20 years now. This may bring it back!

Any odd ovservations are small potatos to the juicy steak that is the bulk of this. As a fan I appreciation the attention to detail and the immense amount of work and love that went into this. :-) It warms the heart muscles right there.

Lifetime hardcore Trekkie and Queen Nerd since her 80's childhood. *STAMP* APPROVE! hehe I'd gladly volunteer to be on it. :-)

<3 Your Latest Fan,

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