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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Ahead At Warp Speed

By Vic Mignogna

The finishing touches are now being applied to the sixth episode produced by the fans behind Star Trek Continues, and we look forward to a debut screening in May at MegaCon in Orlando.  This week, we’re  launching another crowdfunding campaign to produce more episodes, which will bring to 10 the number of episodes in our web series.  Support us here:

Episode VI -- "Come Not Between the Dragons" -- is an action-packed, dramatic story that deals with deeply personal issues. It guest stars Gigi Edgley of Farscape fame. And Episode VII -- featuring the return of Erin Gray and other surprise guest stars -- will, with the help of this campaign, be released in the fall.

Between free viewings on Vimeo and YouTube, our five finished episodes have had more than four million views!  And we’re pleased to be recognized with nearly a dozen accolades and awards, and even recognition from The Wall Street Journal, which calls Star Trek Continues “the flagship of the fan film fleet.”

First and foremost, Star Trek Continues respectfully and graciously thanks CBS, the holder of the copyright to Star Trek. CBS' understanding of the passion fans have for Star Trek is second-to-none, and we're grateful to have the opportunity to pay tribute with our fan-based non-profit web series.   We are in no way affiliated with, nor endorsed by, CBS or Paramount Pictures.

This latest campaign is already off to a strong start.  And it’s the third time we’ve appealed for support in this way.  Late in 2013, our first effort raised enough money to produce episodes 2,3, and 4.  Last January, we launched a second crowdfunding campaign to continue our journey and produce two more episodes and build the enormous Engineering set.  And that’s precisely what we did.

STC's track record speaks for itself. As deeply committed stewards of our precious fans' donations, we do what we promise we will do. So many of our previous donors tell us they can't wait to support us again.  One needs only watch an episode to see these generous donations at work.

We seek no return other than the joy of paying tribute to TOS -- both in the creation of these episodes, and in the privilege of sharing them with beloved fans.  All money raised goes to hard costs related to the development, filming, and post-production of these stories, such as:

  • Set construction, maintenance and materials
  • Studio rental and maintenance
  • Monthly utilities costs
  • Equipment rental
  • Prop production and replication
  • Wardrobe production and maintenance
  • Make-up equipment and supplies
  • Cast and crew travel, lodging, and food during the shoots
  • Post-production costs, hard drives, online data storage, etc.
  • Fundraising costs.
So if you believe in what we’re doing and you’d like to help, now is the time to donate to keep a good thing going.And we’ve got an exciting array of perks for contributors – including a selection of screen-used costumes.

Find STC on Instagram!

We are very pleased to announce that now you can follow Star Trek Continues on Instagram!

We will be posting never before seen production stills, behind the scenes photos, crew features, concept art from our designers, and more! You can find us there @trekcontinues, and also on Tumblr at stcontinues. Thank you so much for all of your support and enthusiasm. Please continue to follow, like, share, and tell your friends!

Trek Prop Fans Relish a Visit to Stage Nine

One of the ingredients that makes Star Trek Continues look authentic is attention to detail, and in particular the sets and props designed to look like they came from the soundstages in the 1960’s.

The production relies on the skills of dedicated propmakers and fans who donate use of their treasures for our episodes.  In December, prop collectors got a chance to tour the Enterprise – including the new Engineering Room – during a private visit to Stage Nine in southern Georgia. staff artist Karl Tate came down from New York.  His reaction to walking standing sets was typical.

“I've been aboard the USS Enterprise. That's all I can say. When you're walking down that corridor, and the stage lights are lit, and all you see is Enterprise...I'm there,” Tate says.  “It’s truly an achievement and I look forward to what Star Trek Continues comes up with next!”

The one-day event was filled with special presentations on prop-making, and an opportunity for prop fans to show off their collections and hand-made treasures.

“Many of us have bucket lists, things we want to complete or do in this lifetime. I've had such a list since I was a kid. One of the items on my list, one I never thought possible, was to go back in time and see the Star Trek sets at Desilu Studios. Impossible, right? Well, after visiting the Star Trek Continues sets I was able to cross one more item off my bucket list,” explains Larry Chalkey from Virginia.  “As I walked the corridors of the Enterprise, I imagined what it must have been like to be there in 1966. What it must have felt like to make the show we all love. This was truly an amazing experience and one I will always treasure.”

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