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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Deduct Your Donation!

We got great news this week when the U.S. Internal Revenue Service approved the Trek Continues, Inc. application for 501(c)(3) status, and the IRS made that status retroactive to December 31, 2014.

That's a great reason to help us keep a good thing going, by DONATING through our website and by supporting our current crowdfunding campaign: 

While each individual’s tax situation varies (and you should consult a tax professional about how it applies to you), this means that donations made to Star Trek Continues through last year’s “Kirkstarter 2.0” and the current “BoldyIndieGoGo” campaigns can be deducted from your taxes as donations to our nonprofit organization.  The IRS even offers a three-year window for amending your already-filed tax return to get credit for your contributions.

We salute the forethought of the IRS to help us with our artistic and scientific mission – to create new episodes honoring our favorite TV series, while inspiring people to enter the science, engineering, and medical fields and promoting the unity of mankind.

Our cast and crew are both very excited about this new development, which has been in the works for many months.  We’ve been working hard to not only bring you the finest quality of fan-made Star Trek Original Series episodes, but also carefully spending our limited resources to extend the value of your contributions.

We literally cannot do it with your support.

Thank you for helping Star Trek Continues.

Vic Mignogna


ApacheDug said...

You guys are first-class all the way--as a previous contributor to STC, I was surprised at the lengths you went to to make EVERY donor feel important & a part of things; this is fan appreciation on a whole new level. Love & admire all of you for your dedication & efforts in bringing STAR TREK--OUR TREK back to life!

John Thro said...


You literally cannot do it *without* the fans' support.

Anonymous said...

I just read the news. It seems the kill joys over at Paramount issued guidelines to the new ST shows being created. How will this affect your future productions?

Sandor Rendeczky said...

Thank you all, for everything you are doing! I haved loved all the episodes and hope it "Continues"! The whole cast and crew are doing a spectacular job!

MoneyTips said...

Paramount Pictures was so desperate to get rid of the Star Trek TV show when it originally aired in the late 60's that it tried to sell all of its equity to creator Gene Roddenberry for $150,000... but he couldn't afford to buy it.

Bob Jackson said...

I just now found out about CBS and Paramount's barbaric restrictions on fan based and funded new episodes. I am absolutely disgusted by their attitude and actions. I have been a huge fan of the episodes produced by both S.T. continues and the S.T. New Voyages/Phase II. I believe these episodes actually encourage both old and new fans to go to the theaters and actually pay to see the newest Star Trek Movies like S.T. Beyond which just opened last weekend. There is something VERY WARPED with CBS and Paramount's way of thinking.

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