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Monday, August 1, 2016


In its salute to STAR TREK to mark the 50th Anniversary, USAToday writer Mike Snider included the work of STAR TREK CONTINUES in a story about the passionate fans who keep the series alive.

“With another episode already in the can, set to be released this fall, STAR TREK CONTINUES is the standard-bearer for fan-produced fiction,” Snider wrote in the Special Edition of USAToday that is now on newsstands.
STAR TREK CONTINUES carries on a long tradition of fan fiction that has evolved as digital video and streaming media provided Trekkies with better tools to create and share their own Trek stories,” said the publication. 

STAR TREK CONTINUES has its own connections to the Trek-lore.  Chris Doohan, the son of James Doohan, took on this father’s role of Montgomery “Scotty” Scott, the Enterprise’s chief engineer, and Marina Sirtis, who played Counselor Troi in Star Trek: The Next Generation, provides the voice of the ship’s computer.”


louis R. said...

Star Trek Continues is the best Star Trek reproduction ever, I thank everyone involved in the making of STC especially Vic ( the man is pure genius!) and the cast. God Bells everyone.

louis R. said...

Oops I will get it right this time : God 'Bless' everyone!I will eagerly await the 7th episode and I know it will be a good one like the previous 6 , my favorite being #1 Pilgrim of Eternity.(Vic M. is pure genius!) Sad ro know the series will come to an end but so happy to have found it.

Buck Manrick said...
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Buck Manrick said...

EPIC! Thank you Vic and the entire team for bringing this fan masterpiece to life. Paramount Pictures, if you are listening, get these guys under contract NOW!!!

T.R. Taylor said...

I have watched these STC episodes many times now, I believe they are equal to the Originals in every way. I truly do not see the actors but the characters they portray, Kirk is Kirk, not Shatner - Spock is Spock, not Nimoy and this crew brings a freshness to the screen making me want more.

"Divided we stand" has already become my favorite Star Trek episode of any ST produced series whether OS, TNG, or the offshoots series like Voyager or "Enterprise" (DS9 sorry, I'm not sure that even counts).
I know in this era of litigation, it is too much to hope for 23, 25, 50, or even 70 episodes, but how I wish it were so. It would be such a wonderful thing if the fans could buy the Star Trek rights from CBS so such a thing could be possible.
Vic, you have done a wonderful job leading this venture. You've enough skill and surrounded yourself with enough talent, that you could create an original web based production that could impact our culture in the same manner as the original ST series did 50 years ago.
I have truely been entertained and edified from these stories. Thank You, and your entire team, for the sacrifices, time, and efforts put out for such high quality work.

Stingo said...

I am excited for Vic's vision of finishing the 5 year mission.
Thank you Vic from another original 1966 trekker…

johnnyice428 said...

Star Trek Continues is as close to the essence of the original series I have seen to date. I couldn't get into next generation or voyager at all. I'm a die hard original Star Trek series fan. Even the movies didn't really do it for me except the remake of Space Seed. The reboot Star Trek movies I seem to like a lot. What you're doing here though is fantastic. Keep up the incredibly good work. Yours is by far the best work keeping the original series alive!

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